Wow, 2018 is approaching the final lap. It started off with a bang. I had the honor of participating in the Thad Wilson Jazz Orchestra's 20th Anniversary Concert at Bethesda Blues & Jazz. What an event that was. I returned to the Alex Speakeasy at the Graham Hotel in Georgetown. And I've had the pleasure of playing semi-regularly at Laporta's, my favorite Arlington, VA, restaurant & jazz lounge. Next on the docket was a return to acting as the "narrator" in an original production "The Mahalia Jackson Story," starring friend and singer/actress Lavenia Nesmith. And immediately following that, I hopped a flight to Moscow to launch a whirlwind, three-week tour of Russia with the Sergey Vasiliev Trio. When I got back, I played again with the Thad Wilson Jazz Orchestra, returned to Alice's Jazz & Cultural Society, and I'm this year's featured artist at the 2018 Voice of America Jazz Appreciation Month Concert (an extra special treat). And that's just the first four months of 2018.
In September, I returned to Russia for the second half of the tour, a whirlwind, non-stop four weeks from one end of that vast country to the next, playing clubs and concert halls, and sharing my music with some of the warmest audiences on the planet. The Sergey Vasiliev Trio never let me down. It felt like a real unit. I miss them already. And I'm thrilled to announce the coming release of a new CD album entitled "Skylark," featuring the Sergey Vasiliev Trio. Gotta sort out the licensing and so forth first, but it's here and it's coming soon. So excited to share it with you.
It's November and I'm back state side with a very busy fall and winter performance schedule ahead of me. Check out the calendar and come see me/us. It's been a remarkable year, musically.
I'm grateful for the ability, the desire, and the opportunity to make music, particularly jazz. Jazz is like a deep ocean. The farther out you go, the more there is to explore. Often I'm happy staying fairly close to shore. Other times, when the mood is right and I'm feeling especially frisky, I'll venture out into deeper waters for a bit. The more I experience and discover, the more I want to share. As Dory in "Finding Nemo" says, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...." The journey continues.
Thanks to everyone who's expressed interest in my music and for being a wonderful part of my journey. Life is short, so enjoy your journey, even the rough patches and the mistakes. With the right perspective, they'll make you stronger, more nimble, and wiser.

Best Wishes for the last lap of 2018.


"Life Is a Song"

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...personally and beautifully interpreted.... brimming with honest feeling and passion, a truly mesmerizing experience."”

All About Jazz (Jim Olin)

"Right to Love" is in full release. It features the Thad Wilson Jazz Orchestra and original arrangements of a number of familiar favorites and rediscovered gems. "Right to Love" can be found here, at CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, and other distribution sites. 

"Right to Love" has been played across the country, into Canada, and as far away as Australia. Stay tuned and let me know if you hear something from "Right to Love" played where you live. Check it out...